quoteJan’s unfailing professionalism, good humor and tireless commitment have been invaluable to us. Anyone lucky enough to work with her is in for learning and success.” ~Luci Baines Johnson, Chairman, LBJ Family Wealth Advisors

Family Offices

Safeguarding and growing assets for future generations.


Lehman Associates specializes in understanding the particular needs of the multigenerational family wealth office.

It takes a special trust to find just the right talented, discreet, and experienced experts who work with families to safeguard and grow their assets for future generations. Lehman Associates has performed successful searches for this brand of leadership for much of our history. The specialized needs of family offices are diverse and complex. They range from tax and estate planning to management of investments and philanthropic giving.

The professionals who fulfill these needs must work in tight coordination. Our knowledge and our networks ensure you get the talent that is the right fit. Leadership positions in a family office require business skills as well as an exceptional level of soft skills, such as the ability to maintain multiple personal relationships and confidentiality. These requirements demand a singular approach to recruitment. That is what we provide.