quoteJan Lehman has had a profound impact on our company, bringing tremendous talent to our executive team and being a trusted advisor who has helped us improve our culture.” ~ Carl Fellbaum, President, Touchstone Communities

Executive Search

What makes us
so effective?


We are a boutique retained search firm with a national presence. Every search we take on is well focused, well planned and well executed.

Our portfolio of C-level placements spans the industry spectrum. Whether your company is regional, national or international in scope, we have the knowledge and networks to find the talent that will add strategic value to your team and match your organization’s culture. What makes us so effective? We have the analytical skills to accurately access the needs of your company, the imagination to explore innovative connections between industries

and the intuitive ability to know when the chemistry is right. A consummate pro, Jan Lehman works closely with each client to hone the job definition and the qualities required. Working with her team’s astute research and due diligence, she applies her dynamic brand of expertise and judgment to find the right candidates. Then she applies her persuasive powers to deliver them to you.