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Why Choose a Boutique Firm?

Lehman Associates provides the same services as larger firms, with extra benefits. Our services are more personalized…more efficient…and more hands-on.

Lehman Associates is a boutique firm with a national presence. What you see is what you get when you engage us. Our leader, Jan Lehman, is instrumental in fulfilling your every leadership need. She is involved with each client from initial discussions about a search until completion of post-hire work. Also extremely important, we don’t over-commit. The result: you won’t suffer searches that end up in overtime and leave you underwhelmed. We are selective and choose our clients as carefully as

they choose us. This ensures that all of our clients, large and small, receive the same individualized attention and careful execution every time. It’s no coincidence we’re located in Austin, Texas, known for its creative culture. It’s a magnet for the creative class working in many industry sectors. Our creative approach to leadership building is a natural fit, and a big benefit for you.